The Bullet at Home

First Steps on the Road - The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward

We've had a few trips now in Varda the Vardo (as we affectionately call it), and we're all but finished moving out of our old place. This has not been an entirely smooth process if I'm honest. There are millions of blogs and sites that talk about the experience of living full-time in a trailer, or a life of travel, or whatever. I'm going to really just touch on the highs and lows of the first few trips since this blog is mostly focused on photography. Not full-timing.

The Good

• KOAs are amazing. Nice, patient people, good neighbors, nice locations, help with parking (this is big at first), and a nice little on-site store that stocks the bare necessities.

• RVers are some of the nicest and quietest people I've ever met.

• Having a kitchen and bathroom available at all times on your trip is even more amazing than it sounds.

• Freedom to go anywhere, anytime. Fire warning? Tornado? Seeya. It's going to be hot this weekend? Just be somewhere else.

The Bad

• Build quality on trailers is... variable. Extremely variable. Nobody we talked to had an example of a trailer where it was actually perfect. Some of this is due to weight saving, some due to cutting corners, some is just plain incompetence. We love ours to bits and there's still a to-do list of things to fix, such as redoing the linoleum flooring so that it's actually glued down or fixing the seats so that they won't damage the cushions.

• Network connectivity is a constant problem.

• Day-to-day frustrations of living in a very small space are nothing to scoff at.

• Remote work isn't easy to find, and in some cases you have to really give up a lot for it. My cost of living may be quite a bit lower than it was in an apartment, but food and gas aren't free.

The Awkward

  • Workspace 2018
  • System76 at Coffee Rush
  • Workspace 2018

My workspace has transitioned from a much more traditional set up to a classic 'cafe' lifestyle, but often it's working on the vardo in pretty tight quarters. I felt an unvarnished shot of what it looks like would really help people to understand. Travel as a lifestyle is not an Instabook shoot.

But when it's good...

It's very, very good