Summer in the Rim Country - a beautiful place to start

We chose a location in Arizona's Rim Country for the first leg of our journey because it was nicely situated between Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Albuquerque. Some good views and and trails rounded out the picture of a perfect starter zone. From our base in Rim Country, we can reach all sorts of adventures with minimal travel time.

This has been a great experience already, and we've used this time to more thoroughly acquaint ourselves with our 5-year home. Between cycling, hiking, photography, and helping to divert the monsoon rains, we've done quite a few improvements. The application of lots of caulk and weatherproofing helped secure our little vardo. A few trim pieces got fixed here and there. Storage was rearranged and tuned. "Must have" items were trimmed a bit, and a few new things made the "must have" list.

Now that it's summer, it's also time to scout locations for winter - in our case, we secured a spot in New Mexico, which will give me the last few shots I need for the 2019 Calendar.                                

On Our Way